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Pay Per Click Management Service (PPC)

Advertising is a great way that drive targeted traffic to your website. Instead of paying for placing your ad on the search engine, you are only charged when someone actually clicks your targeted adds. This service is provided by Google, Yahoo and Bing on their search engine result pages.

At Digital Rank, we advertise our client's products or services with extensive pay per click management campaigns. Choosing us can have a great control over your online market and keep a track of revenue spent on day to day basis. We analyze and plan pay per click management campaigns in an efficient way, thus attracting quality leads and increasing your conversion rate.

We focus on:

  • sponsored advertising through Google partner, Bing Ads and Yahoo Search marketing platforms.
  • Banner advertising on various sites in order to create awareness and popularity.
  • Comparison shopping through online shopping sites.
  • Social media marketing using Facebook, LikedIn, Twitter.

Why PPC Advertising:

  • It is significantly cheaper than any other advertising media.
  • A single month's add in a big newspaper or any magazine equal to budget for an entire year of PPC add.
  • You can target the right audience based on the keyword strength.
  • You can choose your own budget and need not worry about going over each month.
  • It increases traffic to your site. By showing up your website on the first page, you guarantee yourself a tremendous increase in web traffic.